School Board

The Estacada School District's School Board consists of seven members voted on by the Estacada School District community. Meetings are at held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Estacada High School Room 35. 

The School Board has the following major responsibilities:

  • Oversee the work and evaluate the Superintendent
  • Oversee and develop policy
  • Approve the district's operating budget and finances

In addition, the School Board promotes high student achievement for all students and oversees the effective use of district resources.

 Ben Wheeler  - Board Chair  Board Chair 2017-2018 
 Ben Wheeler, At Large, Zone 6 - Expires 2019

 Ken Riedel Vice Chair  Vice Chair 2017-2018
 Ken Riedel, At Large, Zone 7 - Expires  2019

will johnston
Will Johnston, Zone 2 - Expires 2019

Joe Behrman   Joe Behrman, Zone 5 - Expires  2021

 Jamie Smith  Jamie Smith, Zone 3 - Expires 2019
 lisa alves 
 Lisa Alves, Zone 1 - Expires 2021 

 rochelle shibahara

 Rochelle Shibahara, Zone 4 - Expires 2021