Student Services

student services

Student Services


District Mission: Our mission is to equip every student with the skills and knowledge necessary to be resourceful, and successful.

Our Mission: Each and every student is educated in an inclusive environment that promotes positive mental and physical health in a safe learning environment

Contact Us:

Estacada School District Office of Student Services
255 NE 6th Ave, Estacada, OR 97023 
Office: (503) 630-6871 Fax: (503) 630-8676

Jason Hobson, Director of Student Services
 Office: (503) 630-6871 Ext. 2906

Sara Harmon, Administrative Assistant Student Services
 Office: (503) 630-6871 Ext. 2905

District Special Education Staff:
Psychologist - TBA
Shelby Tracy, Licensed Social Worker

Notice of Special Needs
Do you have a disability that requires assistance to access 
school events such as graduation activities? 

Sara Harmon, Administrative Assistant
Office: 503-630-6871 Ext. 2905