District Creates Comprehensive Sexual Education Plan

District Creates Comprehensive Sexual Education Plan
Posted on 05/17/2018
To comply with Oregon Department of Education Requirements, the District is in the process of creating a Comprehensive Sexual Education Plan. This process has included a committee made up of community members, clergy, medical professionals, teachers, counselors, and administrators; as well as townhall opportunities for citizens to voice feedback, concerns, and questions. This plan will go before the School Board for a vote in June. 

The District is committed to hearing and integrating community feedback into this plan. 

This plan will include extensive communication with families. In addition, we will adhere to the following guidelines:

- Parents will be able to opt out of selected lessons.

- Parents will be given advance notice when each lesson will be taught so they can make a decision to opt out of specific lessons.

- Parents will be provided access to standards, CSEP, and lessons prior to teaching.

Questions or Feedback? Contact Scott Sullivan at 

Comprehensive Sexual Education Plan FAQ

Comprehensive Sexual Education Plan Draft

Comprehensive Sexual Education Plan Lesson Samples

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