Estacada Middle School Floor Restoration

Press Release: Estacada Middle School Gym Floor Restoration
Posted on 08/26/2019

August 21st, 2019



CONTACT: Maggie Kelly

Communications Director

Estacada School District

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Press Release: Estacada Middle School Gym Floor Restoration


ESTACADA,OR.— This summer, Estacada Middle School has undergone significant renovations. Paid in large part by a one million dollar grant that was awarded to the district, the construction project has delivered an updated seismic roof to Estacada Middle School. This project has significantly improved the condition and overall safety of the 1936 building. During the roofing process, a severe storm caused the school’s gym to flood. Although school staff and construction teams were onsite when this occurred, the instantaneous damage was significant.


Attempts to dry and salvage the gym floor have been initiated, but the district feels that the best decision to preserve student safety is to replace the flooring. This work will be funded by the construction teams that were onsite during this event. While the district celebrates the significant improvement to Estacada Middle School that this project has achieved, we also want to inform the community that gym floor replacement will cut into the school year, and will impact some scheduling. 


The district is committed to minimizing learning and athletic disruption during this replacement process, and fall gym classes have ample outdoor, high school, and additional facilities to utilize. District leadership anticipates that the upgrade will be completed before basketball season, and will continue to provide the community with updates. 



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