Estacada School District Administrative Staffing Updates

Estacada School District Administrative Staffing Updates
Posted on 08/21/2019
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Press Release: Administrative Staffing Update


ESTACADA, OR.— Effective with the beginning of school year 2019-20, Estacada High School Vice Principal Trevor Syring will begin serving as the Elementary Vice Principal for both River Mill and Clackamas River schools. The district will be hiring a new Vice Principal to fill Syring’s vacated role at Estacada High School. This decision has been made in order to support a growing population of students at the elementary level. The Estacada School District remains dedicated to staffing our schools at an appropriate level, and will also be hiring an additional teacher at Clackamas River to maintain the district’s lower-than-average elementary ratios of 25 students to 1 teacher. 


The district is enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide additional support for elementary principals and teachers, and is confident that Trevor Syring will be an excellent fit for this role. Mr. Syring brings an impressive depth of experience in elementary education, and started his career in the Estacada School District as an elementary teacher, where he worked for more than a decade. Syring also has contributed significant administrative service to our district as Estacada High School’s Vice Principal. The Estacada administration looks forward to hiring a new Vice Principal that will rival Mr. Syring’s substantial history of service, and are eager to find a great fit for Estacada High School. 


This decision has been made as the district prioritizes making improvements that support our growing population. The Estacada School District’s growth at this time is occurring at the elementary levels, while the high school’s population remains historically small as a result of smaller freshman and sophomore groups. The district strongly believes that an increase in administrative staffing at the elementary level will allow principals more significant time to support and develop teachers, in turn strengthening classroom instruction to benefit this district’s top priority: the learning and success of all students. 


Teacher and classified staffing levels are also regularly adjusted to meet the needs of changing enrollment levels in each building. As elementary populations grow, the district also looks forward to beginning conversations with the community regarding the changing needs of our facilities. Community voice and priorities will continue to be a needed and important influence as decisions are made within the district. 


Superintendent Carpenter notes, “Trevor Syring has been an excellent team player in our district. I am excited to utilize him as a highly qualified asset to a growing segment of our district where students will benefit from the additional support. I am also confident that we can continue to support our high school with an excellent new hire.”


The district will continue to update staff and the community as further hiring decisions are made.


ABOUT ESTACADA SCHOOL DISTRICT – The Estacada School District’s mission is to equip every student with the knowledge and skills necessary to be resourceful and successful. For more information, contact Maggie Kelly at 503-630-6871 x2911.