May 8th Notification

May 8th Notification
Posted on 05/01/2019
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District Plans For May 8th 

ESTACADA, Or.— On Wednesday, May 8th, teachers across the state of Oregon will walk across the state to call for adequate funding for K-12 education. Many schools will close on this day. In the Estacada School District, our teachers have agreed to teach through the school day, and will participate in the district’s professional development time. Teachers may leave the building to advocate for funding changes after their contract hours are over at 3:30, but will be working their entire contracted hours on May 8th. 

We value our teachers’ rights to advocate for fully funding K-12 education. We recognize that teachers across the state are dedicated to their students, and are advocating for an increase in funding that will provide better support for all students. We share their goal of securing new investments in education that will allow districts to achieve goals such as raising graduation rates, increasing student mental health support, decreasing class sizes, and restoring cut programs. However, an employee walkout is not endorsed by the school district. We are pleased that we will be able to serve students on May 8th, and respect our teachers’ decisions to exercise their rights after their contract day is over. 

The following facts provide a brief summary of the financial priorities and realities in our district and statewide: 

  • Approximately 80% of the district’s annual budget goes directly into the classroom, covering expenses like teacher salaries, class supplies, etc. 
  • The district’s starting teacher salary is among the highest in Oregon- reflecting the district’s desire to recruit and retain talented staff. 
  • Ten years ago, 44% of state funds went to K-12 schools in Oregon. Today, that allocation has decreased to 39%. 
  • Oregon’s Quality Education Model estimates a needed 10.7 billion in state funds to provide a quality education for all Oregon K-12 students. The current proposal for K-12 school funding is 8.87 billion. 

Thank you for your attention as we work to balance the rights of our teachers and the financial needs of our schools with the need to ensure a productive day for our students and staff, that maintains student learning as the top priority at all times. 


Ryan Carpenter, Superintendent 

Estacada School District 

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