Posted on 12/16/2016


Estacada School District Transportation Services will be piloting a new program that encourages reading during bus rides.  Six routes will have sturdy pouches filled with books appropriate for kindergarten and first grade readers.  The pouches will be installed on the first seat and be available for enjoying in the first two rows.  Each week, the books rotate to another bus so that a fresh collection of stories is available for riders.  Older students may earn Community Service credit for reading to younger children.

Estacada School District is partnering with the Estacada Library to provide a variety of books for children’s reading pleasure.  Books are loaned for an extended period and returned to the library for a new set.

The Read and Ride program fosters youth literacy in our community.  It strengthens leadership opportunities for our older students and provides positive role models for our younger students.  We are excited about Read and Ride as it offers many benefits:

  • Encourages literacy beyond the school walls
  • Expands the academic language and reading ability of young children
  • Inspires a culture of service and builds relationships between multi-age students
  • Programs currently in use note increases in school attendance, increases in reading skills, and a decrease of behavior issues on the bus

The program is completely voluntary for both students and drivers.                                                                                                                                                           

COMMUNITY SERVICE hours are available for high school students when they read to younger kids.  Forms are available in the counseling office. 

Helping to MENTOR our elementary students and assist them in becoming great readers is one positive outcome from offering books on our buses.

BOOK POUCHES were hand sewn by one of Estacada’s bus drivers.  The pouches meet all OSHA safety regulations and have a flap to cover the books when not in use. Pouches can hold up to 20 books.

For more information, please contact Robyn Beisell, Outreach Coordinator, at