Water Quality Testing Results

Water Quality Testing Results - Lead Update
Posted on 10/10/2016
The Estacada School District has contracted with Always Pure, Indy Safety and Pixis Labs (state certified) to conduct water quality sampling at schools and buildings in the district. Both cold and hot water fixtures were sampled. The testing was started by Always Pure and completed Indy Safety. 

Testing Protocols

Primary and secondary draws were taken from each probable drinking water source following protocols established by the EPA including:

1. Flushing (running water in each fixture) was done at least 8 but no more than 18 hours before samples are    taken

2. 250 ml volume primary samples were collected in containers provided by the lab

3. All samples were collected before facility opened and before any water was used

4. A unique sample identification number was assigned to each sample collected

5. Samples were transported under chain of custody to Pixis Labs, a certified drinking water lab

6. Samples were handled per instructions provided by the laboratory and EPA guidelines to ensure accurate    results

Water quality is measured by testing the levels of lead present in the water samples. Results are compared with the action limit of 20 ppb (parts per billion). ESD asked that all samples use the 15 ppb action limit.

For specific school data, please see the District Retest Results and Follow Up on the Facilities Department page on the District website. If you have health concerns, please visit


Marla Stephenson