Budget Committee

The Estacada School District #108 Board of Directors hereby declares Budget Committee vacancies for three positions.

Terms of office for each are as follows:  

Position 2:  One-Year-Term - FY 2014/2015 through FY 2016/2017

Position 6:  Two-Year-Term – FY 2015/2016 through FY 2017/2018

Position 7:  One-Year Term – FY 2014/2015 through FY 2016/2017

Please note that the Term refers to the year in which it is served, not the year for which the budget is being developed.

Candidates must be a qualified voter and must have been a resident of the district for at least one year. Attendance of the candidates at the board meeting that will consider your candidacy is extremely important.

Click below for the Budget Committee Candidate Application:  

Budget Committee Candidate Application 2016-2017

(Posting Updated 11/22/2016)