An important step is being taken to ensure that the buildings of the Estacada School District are healthy and safe. This is a notification that initial testing for elevated radon in the Estacada School District will be conducted this winter. Under a 2015 Oregon law (ORS 332.166-167), Oregon schools must be initially tested for elevated radon on or before Jan. 1, 2021.
Please see OHA’s Frequently Asked Questions about radon, including information on the health effects, at you for your cooperation.

District Radon Testing Plan

Estacada School District Facilities Assessment and Master Planning Report:
Facilities and Maintenance Assessment Report; Updated 2019
Comprehensive Facilities and Maintenance Report; 2016

Estacada School District Retest Results and Follow Up: 
ESD Water Quality Testing Report - Lead Update

Integrated Pest Management Plan for Estacada District Facilities:
Integrated Pest Management Plan
Healthy and Safe Schools Plan for the Estacada School District: Estacada School District Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

Estacada School District Maintenance and Custodial Department:

The staff and tradesmen of Estacada School District’s Maintenance and Custodial Department are dedicated to maintaining the district’s facilities and grounds in order to provide a safe, comfortable and accommodating learning environment for our students, parents, faculty and staff.

Incident/Accident Report Form

Employee Accident Investigation Report Form


Estacada School District
Facilities Department
255 NE 6th Ave
Estacada, OR 97023

Michael Waer, Executive Director of Operations
503-630-6871 ext. 2950

John Simpson, Lead Maintenance Coordinator

Debbie McKay, Operations Administrative Assistant


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