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Department of Student Services
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Our mission is to equip every student
with the skills necessary to be
competent, resourceful, and successful.

Parent Rights for Special Education

For the most recent Parent Rights, including Parent Rights in multiple languages, please click on the link "Oregon Department of Education Resource Link for Parents" in the Additional Resources section on this page. 

Access to quality Mental Health Services is critical for all students and families. 
Estacada School District supports these services by partnering with Trillium Family Services and Western Psychological.  For referral see your building principal, your school counselor, or contact our office at (503) 630-6871 Ext. 2905. 

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Contact Us:

Estacada School District
Office of Student Services
355 NE 6th Ave, Estacada, OR 97023
 Office: (503) 630-6871
Fax: (503) 630-8676

Tina Rhue, Director of Student Services
Special Education Programs 
 Office: (503) 630-6871 Ext. 2906

Thea Enright, Administrative Assistant Student Services
 Office: (503) 630-6871 Ext. 2905

District Special Education Staff:
Carrie Bartlett - Occupational Therapist
Debby Greene - Autism Specialist (Columbia Regional Services)
Dr. Richard Rosenberg - Psychologist

Special Education Staff by Building:

Clackamas River Elementary
Office: (503) 630-8552
Fax: (503) 630-8577

Ginette Perry - Speech Therapist
  Cynthia Whaley - Learning Specialist
Kim Guthrie - Learning Specialist - SLC-B (Structured Learning Center)
Rachel Showerman - Learning Specialist - SLC-A (Structured Learning Center)
Annie Zenn - Counselor - Section 504
Carrie Bartlett - Special Education Behavior Intervention

River Mill  Elementary
Office: (503) 630-8517
Fax: (503) 630-8676

Alison Childs - 
Speech Therapist 
Rhonda Harris - Counselor - Section 504
Becca Sylvia - Learning Specialist

Estacada Middle School
Office: (503) 630-8516
Fax: (503) 630-8693

Judy Davis - Speech Therapist
Becky Dyche - Learning Specialist - Math
Neoma Ramseyer - Learning Specialist - SLC (Structured Learning Center)
Gilbert Salas - Counselor - Section 504
Nicole Schmidt - Learning Specialist - Language Arts
Mandy Alton - Special Education Behavior Intervention

Estacada High School
Office: (503) 630-8515
Fax: (503) 630-8699

Judy Davis - Speech Therapist
Cindy Babikoff - Counselor 
Steven Christiansen - Counselor - Section 504  
Debra Meyer - Learning Specialist - Math
James Rhoades - Learning Specialist - SLC  (Structured Learning Center)
Nicole Schmidt - Learning Specialist - Language Arts
Sammie Beaton - Adult Transitions Coordinator

Estacada Charter Schools:
Summit Learning Charter
Summit Community College High School

Office: (503) 630-5001
Fax: (503) 630-5206

Cheri Smith - Learning Specialist Ext. 2235

Notice of Special Needs
Do you have a disability that requires assistance to access 
school events such as graduation activities? 

Thea Enright, Administrative Assistant
Office: 503-630-6871 Ext. 2905

Additional Resources

Head Start Program Information 

Oregon Department of Education Resource Link for Parents

Every student can learn... 
Just not in the same way or the same day.