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Our mission is to equip every student with the skills necessary to be competent, resourceful, and successful.

Parent Rights for Special Education

For the most recent Parent Rights, including Parent Rights in multiple languages, please click on the link "Oregon Department of Education Resource Link for Parents" in the Additional Resources section on this page. 

Access to quality Mental Health Services is critical for all students and families. 
Estacada School District supports these services by partnering with Trillium Family Services and Western Psychological.  For referral see your building principal, your school counselor, 
or contact our office at (503) 630-6871 Ext. 2905. 

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Contact Us:

Estacada School District
Office of Student Services
255 NE 6th Ave, Estacada, OR 97023
 Office: (503) 630-6871
Fax: (503) 630-8676

Tina Rhue, Director of Student Services
Special Education Programs 
 Office: (503) 630-6871 Ext. 2906

Thea Enright, Student Service's Administrative Assistant
 Office: (503) 630-6871 Ext. 2905

District Special Education Staff:
Carrie Bartlett - Occupational Therapist
Kelley Kubalek-District Nurse
Debby Greene - Autism Specialist (Columbia Regional Services)
Debbie McKay - Special Education Transportation Ext. 2951
Dr. Richard Rosenberg - Psychologist
Jennifer Wood - Psychologist 

Special Education Staff by Building:

Clackamas River Elementary
Office: (503) 630-8552
Fax: (503) 630-8577

Ginette Perry - Speech Therapist
  Cynthia Whaley - Learning Specialist
Kim Guthrie - Learning Specialist - SLC (Structured Learning Center)
Rachel Showerman - Learning Specialist - SLC (Structured Learning Center)
Annie Zenn - Counselor - Section 504

River Mill  Elementary
Office: (503) 630-8517
Fax: (503) 630-8676

Alison Childs - Speech Therapist 
Rhonda Harris - Counselor - Section 504
Elizabeth Williams - Learning Specialist

Estacada Middle School
Office: (503) 630-8516
Fax: (503) 630-8693

Judy Davis - Speech Therapist 
Becky Dyche - Learning Specialist - Math
Neoma Ramseyer - Learning Specialist - SLC (Structured Learning Center)
Gilbert Salas - Counselor - Section 504
Rebecca Sylvia - Learning Specialist - Language Arts

Estacada High School
Office: (503) 630-8515
Fax: (503) 630-8699

Judy Davis - Speech Therapist
Deborah Brochis - Counselor 
Steven Christiansen - Counselor - Section 504  
Debra Meyer - Learning Specialist - Math
James Rhoades - Learning Specialist - SLC  (Structured Learning Center)
Nicole Schmidt - Learning Specialist - Language Arts
Cheri Smith - Learning Specialist - Adult SLC (Structured Learning Center)

Estacada Charter Schools:

Summit Learning Charter
Summit Community College High School
Office: (503) 630-6871 Ext. 2411
Fax: (503) 630-8676

Cheri Smith - Learning Specialist Ext. 2235


Estacada School District Child Find Notice age Birth to 21

School districts must locate and identify individuals who have disabilities from birth to age 21 with disabilities or suspected disabilities and ensure that they are evaluated for and provided special services. Schools shall provide these students residing within their attendance areas with special services and a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. The rights of children with disabilities, or homeless, and their parents will be protected in accordance with state and federal laws.

If you, or someone you know, have a child with a disability who may be in need of special education and related services, or know of children who may be homeless, you can initiate a referral through your local schools or the Estacada School District offices.

Contact our Student Services office by calling  503-630-6871  #2905.


El programa,”encuentra a los niños,” està diseñado para indentificar a todos los niños con necesidades especiales. Segú Tina Rhue, la coordinadora de los servicios especiales del Distrito Escolar de Estacada. 

El Distrito está pidiendo que las agencias, negocios, iglesias y ciudadanos privados, ayuden a encontrar aquellos niños de edad escolar hasta la edad de 21 años, quienes califiquen bajo las guias del Gobierno Federal para recibir ayuda especial.

Si usted conoce un niño que tiene necesidades especiales, por favor póngase en contacto con la oficina de servicios especiales al número 503-630-6871503-630-6871 #2409.

Por medio de la cooperación de la comunidad podemos servir mejor a nuestra juventud.

Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education Services

Clackamas Education Service District, in partnership with EstacadaSchool District, largest programs are Early Intervention(EI) and EarlyChildhood Special Education(ECSE). The focus of these two programs is the family of a child with delays.

EI serves the families of eligible children ages 0-3 years old.Services encompass any number of combinations of home visits, learning groups or consultations, which are outlined in the family's IndividualFamily Service Plan(IFSP). Children can be found eligible for the EIprogram in a number of different areas including, Developmental Delay,Hearing Impairment, Vision Impairment, Communication Delay, OrthopedicImpairment, etc. Anyone who has concerns about a child can contact our program to express concerns about a child, though a parent is the only one that can initiate the evaluation process. To find general developmental stages for ages 0-3, go to and review their Developmental Checklist. 

The second group of children served in this area are enrolled in the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program. It includes children from 3 years old to school age (a child needs to turn 5 beforeSeptember 1 of that school year to be considered "school age"). If a child is already enrolled in our EI program, then they are re-evaluated according to different guidelines to determine eligibility for ECSE. The eligibilities differ slightly and are more in line with school age special education eligibilities. A new child in this program goes through an evaluation process similar to that of EI and the families of these children are served according to the outline in the service plan generated when the child is found eligible. Children receive similar services to the EI program.

You may contact us directly at Estacada School District SpecialServices Department at 503-630-6871503-630-6871 #2415 or contact Clackamas EducationService District Early Intervention Programs at 503-675-4097503-675-4097.

Notice of Special Needs
Do you have a disability that requires assistance to access school events such as graduation activities? 

Thea Enright, Student Services Administrative Assistant
Office: 503-630-6871 Ext. 2905

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Every student can learn... 
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