Device Pick Up Event

Device Pick Up Event
Posted on 08/13/2020

The Estacada School District will be holding their Back-To-School Device Pick Up event on September 2nd and 3rd from 1:00-6:00 pm at every school. Families will be asked to come through our school drive-through lines to pick up the device and supplies to support students in a successful virtual start to the 2020 school year.

The Estacada School District has made national and state headlines for our ability to support and provide services for students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The district looks forward to hosting a best in class virtual learning experience for families through October 30th. Part of the Estacada School District’s plan to provide a superior educational experience for students is ensuring that every student has the supplies necessary to support high levels of learning. We encourage all families to pick up their devices during this time. 

What if I want to use a personal device instead?

Your family can use personal devices if you choose to. We recommend a laptop or tablet for each student in your household. Our district devices come loaded with all of the programs that your child will need, but we can also walk you through setup of your personal device. 

What if I still have my device from last year?

If your device from last school year is still working well, you can keep that device for this year and continue to use it. If the device needs repairs or updates, you can turn it in on August 25th from 1-3 at Estacada High School. 

Can someone else pick up my student’s device for me?

Yes. You can have a family member or friend sign for your student’s device.

What if I cannot make the times scheduled? 

Please call your child’s school office to schedule an alternate pick up time.