Wildfire Letter from Superintendent Carpenter

Wildfire Letter from Superintendent Carpenter
Posted on 09/10/2020

Estacada School District Families,

The Estacada School District sits geographically at the epicenter of a community-wide crisis at this very moment, and our school district community is in peril.  The fear that has captured our community is real because the threat is real. My sympathy is with all of our community members and families from across our district who have evacuated from rural locations as well as from the city of Estacada. I too had to pack my family and sadly departed our Estacada home. The ultimate impact of the fires that still rage will remain unknown for some time. 

The welfare of every single member of the community is critically important, and safety remains the top priority for everyone.  As a district, we have turned our assets into tools for serving our community. Our buildings have become rest areas for first responders. Prior to the city evacuation, our parking lots had become RV spaces for evacuees. We also utilized our bus fleet to evacuate the elderly from senior living facilities. Estacada Schools has been in constant communication with city, government, and agency leaders.  Together with those other agencies, we stand ready to care for the well-being of the larger community in whatever ways may be needed in the coming days. 

Estacada Schools is working diligently to serve its community to the maximum extent possible. Our main priority currently is to make sure our families are exiting the evacuation zones as soon and as safely possible while following the directions of our first responders. Estacada Schools also believes that between 30% and 40% of its workforce has been displaced due to evacuation. Our district leaders are in contact with our great teachers and employees. However, at this current juncture of this crisis, Estacada Schools will remain closed for all services until the level 3 evacuation stage has been removed and our workforce has safely been restored.

Estacada is a community with spirit. Estacada is a community with heart. Estacada is a community with resolve and determination. We take care of our neighbors.  We take care of each other, and we will all need the support of one another in the coming days.  Please join with me in offering prayers for the safety and welfare of our entire community, and know that we will make it through this together. We will make it through this together, because that is what we do.


Ryan Carpenter

Estacada School District