Virtual Snow Days Preparation

Virtual Snow Days Preparation
Posted on 12/01/2021

As winter weather approaches, our district is prepared to transition in-person learning to distance learning to keep school going even during inclement weather. This means that instead of having no school during snow days, your child’s academic progress won’t skip a beat. Students will transition to virtual learning. 

Prepare your children by ensuring that they are bringing their school device home every evening, and contact your child’s school if you need a hotspot or additional support to ensure that you have home internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this instead of just having regular snow days?

We are excited for the opportunity to keep learning going and minimize disruptions even when weather is not cooperating with our plans. This will keep us from adding school days at the end of the year- and generally days at the end of the year are less well attended, and less effective than regularly scheduled school days. To avoid this, we look forward to leveraging our technology and experience in distance learning to minimize learning loss and keep your child’s academic progress moving forward even during snow and ice. 

When will we know if it is going to be a virtual snow day? 

At the latest, we will make our call for a virtual snow day between 5:30-6:00 AM the morning of. Families will be notified via phone, our website, and via local news channels. Please make sure your contact information is updated to ensure that you receive all communications. We understand that planning is difficult, and always try to give families as much advance notice as possible, while working with quickly changing weather and road conditions. 

What happens if our power is out? 

If your household has a power outage, your student can turn in their assignments for the day within 24 hours for their attendance to count. If you are experiencing a long-term outage, try to contact your child’s school or teacher to let them know, and accommodations will be made individually. 

If there is a widespread power outage impacting many families, the district will make a judgement call on whether or not it is appropriate to cancel school entirely. 

What does my child need to have in order to participate in a virtual snow day? 

Your child needs to have their district device (depending on grade level this could be a district issued iPad or Chromebook), or the device they usually use to complete school work. Please help remind your child to bring their device and charger home with them each day. 

They will also need access to the internet. If you do not have internet in your household, please communicate with us as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements to get you a district hotspot or internet access. Prepare early, and you can help ensure that your child has a stress-free transition to distance learning when snow days come our way. 

What can I expect a virtual snow day to look like? 

Your child’s virtual snow day experience will look different based on their grade, but you can expect contact from their teacher and a need for two-way communication at least once every 24 hours. If we have multiple days in a row of virtual snow days, you can expect your child to also receive virtual support from learning specialists, and participate in pull-out groups as appropriate.

Will we still have two-hour delays? 

There are still days when a two-hour delay may occur if road conditions are expected to improve after the early morning hours. On Wednesdays, due to the short day, two hour delays will not be issued, and the day will instead automatically transition to a virtual snow day.