Principal Hired at River Mill Elementary

Principal Hired at River Mill Elementary
Posted on 06/03/2022

The Estacada School District is pleased to introduce Corinne Johnsen as the new principal at River Mill Elementary. Johnsen was selected through an extensive interview process that included input from families and staff from the River Mill community. 

Corinne Johnsen comes to the Estacada School District from the Molalla River School District, where she most recently served as an Associate Principal at Clarkes Elementary School. She has an extensive background of experience, with an exemplary history of more than 15 years in elementary education. Johnsen has expressed her enthusiasm to “combine [her] experience with the trajectory of the Estacada School District.” She has also noted her passion for advocating for students and building relationships with parents and the community. 

Estacada School District Superintendent Ryan Carpenter says that he is “excited to welcome Corinne into our army of improvers,” and adds that he is confident that her talents and leadership potential will sustain a thriving culture at River Mill Elementary. The principal position at River Mill was made available following River Mill Principal Jennifer Behrman’s shift to serving the district in a new role as the district’s Director of Elementary Programs. Behrman states that she looks forward to collaborating with Corrine in the future noting that she is a “strong leader that will be a good fit for River Mill and the Estacada School District.” 

Johnsen will join the district in an official capacity on July 1st.