Preschool Program Transition

Preschool Program Transition
Posted on 06/22/2022

The Estacada School District’s mission is to equip all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be resourceful and successful. District leaders work continuously to make thoughtful decisions in alignment with this mission in order to advance the education of all children. 

Our district’s strategic plan outlines a need to support the development of robust preschool programs that ensure that children enter kindergarten prepared for success. The Estacada School District houses a successful preschool program at River Mill Elementary, and beginning next school year will also house a preschool at Clackamas River Elementary. A committee of elementary educators and leaders reviewed all applications and have selected the Tiny Timbers program to advance the education of our youngest learners in the Estacada community. The Tiny Timbers program will also provide before and after school daycare. 

The district also has an obligation to utilize what is becoming increasingly limited building space in a way that maximizes the academic impact for children. The new preschool program will be moving in to a space that is occupied by an outside organization that currently rents the space and runs a daycare business. This business will transition out of the space by August 5th of this year. 

The Estacada School District remains dedicated to moving in a direction that maximizes the amount of high quality programs and education that are provided to the Estacada community.