2022-23 School Calendar

District Proposes Innovative New School Calendar
Posted on 02/10/2022
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Why a four-day school week?

An Introduction from Superintendent Carpenter

The Estacada School District's mission is to equip all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful. This mission leads all of our work, and it must also lead our development of a district calendar. Our district leaders are also led by a dedication to integrating voice into our school system, as well as creating a calendar that recruits, retains, and provides development opportunities for our staff.

These priorities have led the district to the creation of a school calendar that features a four-day school week. Estacada School District leaders have put many hours into study and data collection. As a result, the district and school board both believe that the benefits of this calendar have the ability to take our students' levels of achievement to new heights.

The primary benefits of the calendar presented here include the ability to recruit and retain high-quality teachers and staff, as well as provide them with a day each week to collaborate and continue to improve their service to your children. This calendar also reflects the wishes of the majority of families and staff, and shows widespread support.

Additionally, our data shows that a four-day school week had the opportunity to improve student attendance. Fridays contain our highest rates of absenteeism, along with students leaving school early to attend Friday sports and extracurricular opportunities. Our district has also seen tremendous academic achievement during a four-day school week. During the 2020-2021 school year, the Estacada School District achieved the highest graduation rate in the district's 105 year history- a feat achieved during a 4 day school week.

We will continue to move forward with a vision I believe our entire community can share: the ensured success of each and every child that enters our schools.


Ryan Carpenter

Superintendent, Estacada Schools

Questions and Answers

Built Based On Community Feedback

Q: What will Fridays look like?

A: On Fridays, the district will have REID days. REID stands for Responsive Extensions, Interventions, and Development. Staff will collaborate with colleagues, and two hours in the morning will be reserved for students that need additional support on-campus.

Q: How will students be selected for REID days? 
A: Each week, teachers and building leaders will select students to be invited to the following week's REID days. This may include students that need additional support, Talented and Gifted students that could benefit from additional enrichment, etc. Attendance is optional. 

Q: Will meals be provided on Fridays?

A: The district intends to offer meals to all students on Fridays for drive-by or walk-up pickup.

Q: Is the four-day week being introduced for financial reasons?

A: No, the four-day school week will be revenue-neutral.

Q: What happens on Monday holidays?

A: During Monday holiday weeks, students will attend a full school day on Tuesday through Friday. This will be marked clearly on the calendar.

Q: Will school days be longer?

A: The school day for students will be increased by approximately 30 minutes, and there will no longer be early release days. Over the course of a school year, students will receive MORE instructional minutes in the classroom. 

Q: How will the four-day week impact athletics and extracurriculars?

A: Practices will occur normally, with Fridays allowing for additional practice time. Students will not need to leave class early to attend Friday events, a benefit of the schedule.

Q: Why will students be starting school before labor day?

A: The school calendar is designed with student achievement in mind. Research and data show that a reduced summer break helps prevent “summer slide”, the phenomenon where students lose some of the progress they’ve made during the long summer off.

Q: Why is there an additional May break?

A: The May break are able to be added due to the additional week at the beginning of the school year. The break is scheduled during a time of the year when our district sees some of our highest absences, and will also be utilized to help eliminate staff burnout.

Q: What about the heat in the classrooms in August?

A: The district is looking into the possibility of a long-term plan to invest in air conditioning installation in the schools. The district also reserves the ability to use inclement weather days just like in the winter, where students would learn virtually if the temperatures reach extreme heights.

Q: Where can I read more about the data and studies that were used to help inform this decision? 
A: Take a look at some recent articles and studies that influenced our decision by clicking here.

Q: How many families support a four-day school week?
A: Surveys indicate that the majority of families have supported this shift. Below, you can view the results of a parent survey administered last spring. 
survey results