Administrative Staffing Update

Administrative Staffing Update
Posted on 04/22/2022

The Estacada School District is happy to announce that River Mill Elementary Principal Jennifer Behrman will begin serving Estacada Schools in an expanded role as the district’s Director of Elementary Programs, effective July 1. Behrman will be working alongside Scott Sullivan, who will transition into overseeing Teaching and Learning at the secondary level. This model will provide superior, individualized, and in-depth academic support to each of our schools. 

Jennifer Behrman is very well-qualified for this position, and has served the district in various capacities for 16 years. For the past 7 years she has served as principal at River Mill Elementary School. During her tenure at River Mill she has transformed the building. Notable achievements include a respectable record of improving student academic proficiency. From Behrman’s first year as principal at River Mill Elementary, student achievement scores have almost tripled, representing incredible student academic gains. 

Behrman is also an asset to staff through the district, region, and country. Jennifer has been selected to speak at many national conferences, and mentors principals throughout Clackamas County. She has fostered strong relationships and alignment with Clackamas River Elementary. In her building, Employee Engagement scores hit a record high of 4.56 out of 5. Behrman also was a founding leader of the district’s Standards of Excellence. 

Students throughout the Estacada community have also benefited from Jennifer’s leadership. She was a driving force in implementing the district’s Pre-K program, and River Mill’s high student engagement scores indicate a positive culture of support. 

In order to ensure a smooth transition at River Mill, Behrman will remain in her role through July 1. The district has already opened the position as we strive to hire a new principal at  River Mill Elementary that will bring a similar caliber of leadership and talent. The River Mill community will play a key and collaborative role in the selection process. 

Of the new position, Superintendent Carpenter notes that Jennifer is qualified, is ready, and I am excited to watch her flourish in this new leadership role.” We’d like to welcome the community to join us in celebrating this administrative addition to support student success.