District Parks Project

Estacada School District Strategic Partnership with the City of Estacada

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On January 10th, 2018 the Estacada School District School Board voted to move forward on a Strategic Partnership with the City of Estacada to begin the 2018 Estacada School District Facilities Development Project. This project will provide the City of Estacada with the easements necessary to create two roads through Estacada School District property for new housing developments. Estacada School District will receive funding through City of Estacada Park SDC funds for the majority of the construction required to create youth athletic fields and park space for the community on twenty previously unutilized acres owned by the district. 

For for information, read our Press Release here.

FAQ Section 

Q: Where will these funds come from?

A: The majority of the funding for the Facilities Development Project will be paid by the City of Estacada. The City is estimating a total cost on their behalf of approximately $400,000. The majority of this will be from Estacada's Park System Development Charge (SDC). A Park SDC is a one-time fee assessed on new development. All new properties built in Estacada contribute to this fund. 

Estacada School District will pay for clearing and grading land, the construction of sports fields, the installation of an irrigation system, and all costs of the restroom facility/concession stand that exceed the City's allotted contribution of $130,000. Estacada School District's estimated contribution is $58,000 for clearing and grading land, the construction of sports fields, and the installation of an irrigation system. The District will minimize all additional costs above the City of Estacada's portion for building the restroom/concession stand through utilizing volunteer efforts.

Q: How will this benefit Estacada's schools?
A: The schools and the community will both benefit from this increase in recreational space. The schools also will experience more security, as a result of increased supervision of 20 acres of school grounds and increased visibility. The City of Estacada is also providing a sidewalk along Broadway that will increase students' ability to safely walk to school. In addition to the sidewalk, the new roads that will be installed will result in decreased congestion and improved traffic around our campus.

More information will be available soon. Check back for updates. Updated 1/10/2018.