Past Communications

The following communications contain past planning and information that may be inaccurate and outdated at this time. These communications are documented here to provide transparency and additional background information for all stakeholders. 

Thank you for your attention, partnership, and flexibility as we work to educate and serve all students at high levels during to COVID-19 pandemic. We know these are challenging times, and we hope to ease some of your concerns by giving you as much clarity as we can about our plans to reopen school. District leadership have worked with union leadership and our broader community throughout the development process, and we are striving to balance the needs and priorities of our staff and community with state requirements and public health recommendations.

Below, you will find a Roadmap to Reopening summary, our 2020-2021 school year calendar, and an FAQ document. Many of the decisions we have made reflect the community priorities you communicated during our family reopening survey from June. We must acknowledge that both reopening schools and participating in virtual learning come with different but very real risks. Our summary for reopening includes details of the many ways our district will work to minimize risks for our students and staff. We are dedicated to preserving student safety and learning, and we will be allowing our district families the freedom to weigh the risks of hybrid learning and 100% virtual learning and make the decision that works best for their family.

Thank you again for your partnership and continued focus on student learning and safety. We will get through this together, and your student’s learning and safety will be at the center of every decision that we make.

Frequently Asked Questions
(Our FAQ will be updated regularly at

My family has multiple children in the Estacada school system. Will they have the same on-campus schedule?
Yes. Ensuring that siblings have matching on and off campus schedules will be prioritized throughout all buildings
What about the district’s Pre-Kindergarten program?
Because our pre-kindergarten program has small class sizes and parent-provided transportation, pre-kindergarten can run an on-campus model, unless the need for virtual school days occurs.

Why will school be held 4 days a week?
School will be held 4 days a week in acknowledgment that our teachers need significant planning and professional development time each week in order to execute both in class and virtual learning in alignment with our district’s high standards.

Why can’t we have school 100% in person?
With the COVID-19 pandemic in its current state, the district is unable to accommodate more than 50% of our student population at the same time while adhering to public health recommendations. The district feels that a hybrid model allows in-person contact while still maintaining safety protocols, providing options for our health-compromised students and staff, and allowing easy transitions in case of a complete shut down. Pandemic conditions will be assessed regularly throughout the year, and a 100% in person option will be offered as soon as circumstances allow.

What about school sports?
The Estacada School District is closely monitoring and awaiting OSAA guidance surrounding fall sports. All school sports will continue in accordance with OSAA recommendations and restrictions. At this point, we are optimistic that a fall sports season will happen.

What will in-service teachers days look like? Will the students on hybrid schedule B have an additional day off?
Staff in-service time will be taken care of during our Friday professional development time.

Will we still have winter and spring breaks?
Winter and spring breaks will follow their customary schedules.

How will Parent-Teacher conferences happen?
We have scheduled two days for parent-teacher conferences. We will likely have virtual and in-person opportunities in order to accommodate all of our families.

If there is inclement weather will that be a virtual learning day?
Yes. This is another great way our virtual learning technology can help ensure that learning continues in spite of uncertain circumstances.

What if I want my children to attend on different schedules?
At this point, we will not be offering different schedules to our families. Having siblings from the same household attend at the same time increases our transportation and building capacity while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Will students be required to wear a mask?
Students and staff attending our on-campus learning will need to wear a face mask or shield. Our district’s goal is to minimize learning interruptions while maximizing the safety that we can provide to our students and staff and this is one measure we can all take to keep our schools open. We will gently provide support for students as they adjust to social distancing measures.

Will the school hours be the same as before?
School hours will be similar but campus school days will likely be slightly longer because we are switching from a five day school week to a four day school week. Exact times will be released closer to school reopening.

Will after school care be available?
We are still working to determine if after school care will be able to be offered to district families.

Will the students still have Recess, PE, Music, etc.?
Yes. It is important to us that students have time to be kids and also receive enrichment opportunities. While recess, P.E., and music might look a little different, they will all still be offered.

Can there be an option for those of us who want our kid to attend 100% in person. And those that want to do virtual school do that?
At this time, in order to comply with social distancing requirements we cannot accommodate the number of students that want to attend on-campus full time. Our buildings, staff, and transportation do not have the capacity. We are pleased that we have been able to create the capacity to bring students back on campus at least part time, and we will continue to work to support students and families during these difficulties.

Can a child be switched to 50/50 later if needed?
Yes! We understand that circumstances and needs may change. While we will not be able to facilitate families switching formats on a regular basis, we will provide the opportunity a few times during the upcoming school year for families to reassess and make a different choice. We will release more details on this process closer to the start of school.

Where will lunch be eaten?
Lunch will be eaten in the cafeteria with a smaller group of students. The cafeteria will be sanitized in between all groups. Social distancing will be encouraged, but we are committed to gently supporting students as they navigate through and learn a new world of social distancing.

Will students be able to have contact with other kids not in their class?
To ensure that our schools can stay open, contact with other classes will be limited as much as possible in order to help prevent the potential spread of germs.

If enough families (50%) opt for virtual classes only, may the students that opted for the campus school days go every day?
We will allow as many students into our schools as we can for as much time as we can while maintaining social distancing guidelines. At this time we are forecasting that approximately 15% of our families have opted for 100% virtual school, meaning that 2 days a week is the maximum on-campus time we can offer currently. We will continue to monitor the situation, and will transition to allowing students to attend campus full time as soon as we are able to.

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